Saturday, April 9, 2011

Hundreds Injured at Night Attack in Sana'a Change Square

Sana'a, Apr 9, 2011- Central security forces shot live bullets and use tear gas on protesters in Zubairy St., of the capital Sana'a wounding hundreds just one mile away from change square Sana'a.

According to Dr. Waseen Qurashi, a medical staff at change square Sana'a, more than 800 protesters are in bad condition after inhaling tear gas used in large number against protesters. 14 protesters were injured by gun shots by central security forces.

"We are giving medical attention to hundreds and our capacities are limited. We were forced to take tens to near by hospitals, said Dr.Qurashi."

"Hundreds have volunteered to help the injured and the international community must stop this criminal from killing his people."

Eyewitnesses said that security forces have been threatening protesters to attack for hours.

"Blood is everywhere but this is a sign of a near victory," added Qurashi.

Source: Yemen Post

At least 14 protesters shot in Yemen

April 10, 2011


Police fired volleys of live rounds at demonstrators in Taez on Saturday, in what local residents said was some of the worst violence since anti-regime protests broke out in Yemen in January.

At least 14 people were shot and wounded, three of them seriously, while at least 300 others needed treatment for tear-gas inhalation, medics said.

Witnesses said security forces attacked the anti-regime protesters who were gathered near the government offices of the flashpoint city, south of Sana'a.

The latest violence came after four protesters were shot dead and more than 100 others wounded in Taez during clashes on Friday that carried on overnight into Saturday.

Civil Disobedience Paralyzes Aden

Aden, Apr 9, 2011- Civil disobedience paralyzed the normal life in Yemen’s business capital Aden on Saturday, a day after the police clashed with the protesters calling for an immediate resignation of President Saleh.

The move came in response to the call of the February 16 Movement that urged the people to conduct civil disobedience as the public pressure mounts on Saleh to resign.

State employees were absent today after the roads had been closed and due to the lack of means of transport.

The people also burned tires in some districts but riots were not reports in other areas.

On Friday, the police fired live bullets and teargas at the protesters calling for the resignation of saleh but there were no casualties.

In other cities, the months-long sit-ins continued and demonstrations were staged with the protesters in Sana’a chanting: peaceful , peaceful referring to their protest after several were reported injured when the police broke up a rally.

They also chanted slogans urging an immediate exit of Saleh.

Source: Yemen Post

Al-Qirbi reconfirms: President Saleh will not run for President

SANA'A, April 09 (Saba)- Caretaker Foreign Minister Abu Bakr al-Qirbi reconfirmed on Saturday President Ali Abdullah Saleh's decision not to run in the upcoming presidential election and not to bequeath.

This came during the expanded-meeting with heads of diplomatic missions and Arab and foreign ambassadors accredited to Yemen.

Al-Qirbi confirmed that the existing dispute between the ruling party and opposition parties is not on the transfer of power, but on the mechanism of transition that ensures maintaining of unity, security and stability in Yemen.

He expressed appreciation of the political leadership and the Yemeni government for all efforts made to conciliate between the political parties as well as they in the framework of the Constitution.

What came in the president's speech on Friday was not a rejection of the Gulf mediation, but of what came in a statement by Qatari Prime Minister and Foreign Minister, Sheikh Hamad Bin Jassem Bin Jabr Al-Thani, al-Qirbi added.

He pointed out that the statements of Sheikh Hamad bin Jassem was a surprise to Yemen, "because it first gave the impression that the matter has been decided and secondly that the parties concerned is the government of Yemen and the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries and not the Yemeni government and the opposition".

Al-Qirbi said that the role of the GCC is the mediation to bring close viewpoints address the crisis.

He noted to the phone calls made by President Saleh with leaders of the GCC countries, through which he expressed his gratitude for their good efforts and keenness to contribute to find a solution to help Yemen to overcome the current situation and maintain its security and stability.

Moreover, al-Qirbi stressed that the political leadership and the Yemeni government did not and will not close the door of dialogue and welcome all efforts to address the political crisis.

He added if a state of chaos and instability happens in Yemen, it will not affect Yemen only, but also the region and the world.

Yemeni Authorities Close Al-Jazeera Channel office in Yemen

By Fatik Al-Rodaini
Sana'a, Apr 9, 2011- An informed source said that Yemeni authorities closed Al-Jazeera Channel office in Yemen with red wax, and withdrew the license granted to it by Yemen's Information Ministry.
This step came after the persistence of Al-Jazeera in implementation of a sabotage scheme aimed to inciting strife, hatred and fighting in a number of provinces of Yemen.
Last month, an armed group belonging to the National Security attacked Al-Jazeera Channel office in Sana'a, stealing some video equipment.
At the same time, Yemeni government forced two Al-Jazeera correspondents to leave the country. Ahmed Zidan and Abdu Haq Sadah took the plane from Sana'a to Cairo to Doha.
Yemeni government also prohibited them from covering the current unrest situation and protests in Yemen, but they continued on their task.
Authorities in Yemen accused Al-Jazeera Channel of inciting hatred, exaggerating in news, and distorting of the current situation in Yemen.
In January, President Ali Abdullah Saleh said that Al-Jazeera channel serves Zionist and terrorist groups.

OIC supports dialogue to address Yemen's political crisis

JEDDAH, April 09 (Saba) - Organization of the Islamic Conference (OIC) announced on Saturday its support for a dialogue under the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC)'s initiative to address Yemen's political crisis.

In a press release, OIC Secretary General Ekmeleddin Ihsanoglu expressed his support for holding a dialogue among the involved parties in Yemen to ensure ending the current crisis and maintain Yemen's unity, security and stability.

He valued the GCC's efforts in this regard, pinning hopes to end up with solutions satisfactory to all parties and safeguard the territorial integrity of Yemen.

Power transition in Yemen should be formed via dialogue- US official

WASHINGTON, April 09 (Saba) - The United States has stressed that the transition of power in Yemen should be scheduled and formed via dialogue.

The US Department of State's spokesman Mark Toner said in a statement issued on Friday that President Ali Abdullah Saleh has publicly expressed his willingness to engage in a peaceful transition of power.

"Timing and form of this transition should be identified through negotiation and begin soon" Toner said.

"We strongly encourage all sides to engage in this urgently needed dialogue to reach a solution supported by the Yemeni people," he added.

To succeed such dialogue, "all parties must participate in a process that addresses the legitimate concerns of the Yemeni people, including their political and economic aspirations", Toner said.

The State Department has welcomed efforts of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) to tackle Yemen's political crisis, accenting that all parties must take part in the effort for it to succeed.

"The United States welcomes the initiative of the GCC to address the challenging political situation in Yemen", Toner said.