Saturday, April 9, 2011

Press Release: Kingdom of the Netherlands

The Netherlands expresses its utmost concern about the current situation in Yemen. It strongly condemns the use of violence against peaceful protesters, most recently on 3 and 4 April 2011, and deeply deplores the injuries and loss of life caused. The Netherlands is also deeply worried about the negative impact the political situation has on the lives of the Yemeni people and the country's socio-economic development. On 21 March 2011, the EU Foreign Affairs Council decided that the Council and Member States would review their policies towards Yemen, should the safety of demonstrators not be ensured by the Yemeni authorities. The renewed use of violence by the Yemeni security forces against the protesters has induced The Netherlands to temporarily suspend all development assistance directly or indirectly provided through the Yemeni government. In sofar the government is not involved, development assistance to partner organisations in civil society and humanitarian aid will not be suspended. The Netherlands urges the government of Yemen and all parties to engage in an inclusive dialogue without delay in order to find a sustainable solution to the current political and socio-economic problems the people of Yemen currently face. The Netherlands calls upon the Yemeni government to ensure respect for all human rights and fundamental freedoms.

Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands

Sana’a, Yemen

Date: 9th April 2011

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