Saturday, March 19, 2011

President establishes Office of Ombudsman

SANA'A, March 19, 2011 (Saba)- The presidential decree No. 9 for 2011 was issued on Saturday establishing an Office of the Ombudsman at the Presidency office.

The decree stipulates that the office is a technical advisory body to the President aims to assist the president in practicing his legal and constitutional powers relating to the judicial rulings and their relevant complaints.

The office helps the president in investigating and addressing citizens' complaints from the Public government administrations' performances and suggesting proposals for tackling the citizens' complaints.

Another presidential decree No. 10 for 2011 was issued forming the Office's staff as follows:

- Judge Abdullah Ali al-Jamrah as the office's chairman;

- Judge Jassar Mohamed Saif al-Adouf as a member at the office;

- Judge Mohammed Mahmoud al-Junaidi as member at the office;

- Judge Mohammed Zaid al-Mousheki as member at the office;

- Judge Mohammed Ali Abdullah al-Faseel as member at the office.

Yemen welcomes Gulf mediation among political parities

SANA'A, Mar 19, 2011- A presidential source welcomed on Saturday mediation of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Arab Gulf States among political parties in Yemen, stressing this mediation is welcomed at all times.

In a statement to Saba, the source said for those who stand behind this unfortunate incident occurred on Friday in the neighborhood area of Sana'a University are seeking to fail this mediation to mediate and reconcile views among Yemen's political parties to avoid unrest.

Source: Saba

State of emergency aims to end armed manifestations, FM Says

SANA'A, Mar 19, 2011- (Saba) - Foreign Affairs Minister Abu Bakr al-Qirbi accented on Saturday that the state of emergency aims to end armed manifestations in the provinces' capitals.

Al-Qirbi made the statement during his meeting with ambassadors of Arab and foreign states to Yemen, al-Qirbi stressed that the decision of the state of emergency declared for 30 days by the National Defense Council aims also to foil any attempts to disturb the security and stability of the country and enable the government to maintain the citizens' security.

The Foreign Minister briefed the diplomats on the latest developments in the local arena, particularly the tragic accident occurred on Friday outside the Sana'a University resulting in killing and injuring a number of protesters.

He made clear that the president Ali Abdullah Saleh had directed to form a neutral committee to investigate the accident and called upon the opposition parties and protesting youths to take part in the committee to uncover the circumstances that have led to the accident.

The government will deal strictly and will take all the required actions against the perpetrators of the crime, al-Qirbi said.

President announces Sunday day of mourning on democracy martyrs

SANA'A, Mar 19, 2011- President Ali Abdullah Saleh announced tomorrow a national mourning day on lives of the martyrs of democracy, who have fallen at the University of Sana'a or in other provinces of the country.

This came during his meeting with sheikhs, dignitaries, members of local council and youth of Bani Matar district in Sana'a province.

President Saleh talked to the attendants ,expressing his appreciation for their national positions in defending the homeland's revolution and unity.

He dealt with the unfortunate incident that happened yesterday in the neighborhood of Sana'a University and led to the killing and injuring of a number of people.

In this regard, President Saleh renewed his condolences to the families of martyrs killed in the University and to all martyrs of democracy in the country who have fallen, and wished the injured a speedy recovery.

He held the JMPs responsibility of the wrong mobilization, incitement and chaos that led to violent incidents and falling of those victims.

Furthermore, Saleh reiterated the call for setting at the dialogue table which keeps the homeland away from unrest.

He stressed that the right of peaceful expression of opinion is guaranteed for everyone, noting that the protestors in front of the University can shift to a sport stadium or any other area away from the population and houses, so as to prevent any frictions between them and inhabitants.

At the meeting, the attendants expressed their support to the President's initiatives, which confirmed his keenness on the dialogue and reforms and to keep the nation away from sedition.

They pointed out that the lack of response to these initiatives so far reflects unjustified stubbornness by the opposition joint meeting parties (JMPs).

Source: Saba

ICRC: Yemen must respect human life

Mar 19, 2011

The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) has expressed serious concern over the loss of life and the injuries that have resulted from the escalation in violence.

“The ICRC calls upon the authorities, demonstrators and all others involved to respect human life and dignity at all times,” said Jean-Nicolas Marti, the head the ICRC delegation in the country.

The organization has been closely monitoring events in Sana'a and other cities in Yemen as they have unfolded over the past two months, an ICRC statement said on Friday.

Security forces must adhere to international human rights laws and international standards governing the use of force in their efforts to restore law and order, it said, adding that those arrested and detained must be treated humanely.

“We have been providing support for the humanitarian work carried out by the Yemen Red Crescent in the capital Sana'a and other major cities by donating first-aid and other supplies that can be used to treat the injured on the spot,” said Marti.

Yemen, the poorest country in the Arab world and destabilized by tribal wars and widespread poverty, has been hit by weeks of protests trying to shake loose President Ali Abdullah Saleh's 32-year grip on power.

Several opposition members argue that Saleh's long-promised reforms have never materialized.

Despite massive nationwide rallies, Saleh has said he would stay in power until the end of his term in 2013.

Source: Press T.V

Yemen Crisis: Foreign Ministry Sets Up Operations Room

KUALA LUMPUR, March 19 - The Foreign Ministry Saturday launched the "Ops Balkis" operations room to enable the public in Malaysia to obtain updates on their family members in troubled Yemen.

The ministry said the operations room can be contacted at 009671425834/425837 or through the Malaysian Embassy at 009671429781/429782.

It can also be reached through Ambassador Abdul Samad Othman (00967734000121) or Shaharuddin Onn (736874547), Ahmad Faisal Ahmad Ramzi (734006464), Hamdan Abdullah (733256737) and Mohd Noor Puasa (733562075).

The evacuations of Malaysians from the strife-torn country would continue, it said in a statement.

Two days ago, the first batch of 10 Malaysians, including two pregnant women, arrived home on a Qatar Airways flight.

On Sunday, Foreign Minister Datuk Seri Anifah Aman said the government wanted to bring back 443 Malaysians in Sanaa and Eden following the mounting conflict in the country.