Saturday, April 9, 2011

Hundreds Injured at Night Attack in Sana'a Change Square

Sana'a, Apr 9, 2011- Central security forces shot live bullets and use tear gas on protesters in Zubairy St., of the capital Sana'a wounding hundreds just one mile away from change square Sana'a.

According to Dr. Waseen Qurashi, a medical staff at change square Sana'a, more than 800 protesters are in bad condition after inhaling tear gas used in large number against protesters. 14 protesters were injured by gun shots by central security forces.

"We are giving medical attention to hundreds and our capacities are limited. We were forced to take tens to near by hospitals, said Dr.Qurashi."

"Hundreds have volunteered to help the injured and the international community must stop this criminal from killing his people."

Eyewitnesses said that security forces have been threatening protesters to attack for hours.

"Blood is everywhere but this is a sign of a near victory," added Qurashi.

Source: Yemen Post

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