Sunday, December 4, 2011

VP forms military affairs committee

Fatik Al-Rodaini
SANA'A, Dec. 04 - Vice President Abdo Rabbo Mansour Hadi issued on Sunday a presidential decree to form a military affairs committee to realize the security and stability in the country.
According to the decree No. 29 for 2011, the Vice President is the chairman of the committee that also includes 14 members, topped by the defense and interior ministers.
The second article stipulates that the committee's chairman has the right to take the required measures and entrust anyone to carry out the committee's tasks.
The members of the military affairs committee as following:
1-Defense Minister
2- Interior Minster
3- General Nasser Abdo Rabbo Al-Taheri
4-General Mohammed Ali Al-Kassemi
5- General Abdullah Ali Aleoa
6- General Fadhel Al-Qawssi
7- General Rayadh Al-Qaershi
8- General Fadhel Abdul Majeed Al-Radfani
9- General Omar Abdul Samed Al-Yafeai
10- General Ali Said Abeed
11- General Abdul Rakeeb Thabet Al-Sobeehi
12- General Abdul Aziz Al-Shameri
13- General Qaed Al-Ansi
14- General Nasser Ali Al-Harabi (Secretary)

Yemen unity cabinet expected within 2 days

Dec 4, 2011 (AFP)
SANAA — Prime minister-designate Mohammed Basindawa is expected to announce a national unity government within two days, a European diplomat and a Yemeni official said on Sunday.
The government "will be formed within the next couple of days, and if they do it today it is even better," Michele Cervone d'Urso, the EU's first ambassador to Yemen, told AFP.
Yemen's outgoing deputy information minister, Abdo al-Janadi, said: "According to my information, the government should be announced today."
Half of the government must be opposition members while regime loyalists make up the other half, based on a Gulf-brokered and UN-backed power transfer plan which President Ali Abdullah Saleh signed on November 23.
Cervone said that a military commission, which under the agreement is to oversee a restructuring of the security services and the withdrawal of gunmen from the streets, would also be formed "with the next couple of days."
The opposition warned on Saturday that it will not go ahead with forming a unity government until the military commission is formed and fighting stopped in Taez where 31 people were killed in clashes between the army and dissident tribesmen.
State media reported later the same day that a ceasefire had come into effect after a call by Vice President Abdrabuh Mansur Hadi for an end to the fighting which broke out on Thursday and for a pullout of troops and militiamen.
Saleh signed the Gulf-brokered deal last month in Riyadh under which his powers were passed on to his deputy, although he remains honorary president until February.

Yemen: 28 killed in 3 days of fighting in Taiz

Dec 4, 2011
SANAA, Yemen (AP) — Yemeni activists and medical officials say that three days of clashes in the southern city of Taiz has left at least 28 people dead.
They said Sunday that 13 civilians have been killed in government shelling of residential areas since Friday, among them three children. They also said that seven army troops and at least eight tribal fighters have been killed in clashes over the same period.
Taiz is a hotbed of opposition and Yemen's second-largest city. It has been regularly shelled by the military.
Dr. Mohammed al-Shogaa said that ambulances and rescue workers are not able to reach wounded civilians because of ongoing street fighting.
The violence has raged despite longtime President Ali Abdullah Saleh's agreement to step down.