Yemen Opposition National Council

By Fatik Al-Rodaini
Sana'a, August 18, 2011, Yemen's main opposition coalition, the Joint Meeting Parties, JMP and protesters leaders form a national council to increase pressure on Yemen's strongman President Ali Abdullah Saleh to step down.
The step came after seven months of daily protests demanding the ouster of President Saleh in order to topple the rule of the Saleh's family and remnants of this regime, and plan to choose a president and a 20-member executive committee.
Salem Mohammed Bassindwa, a top opposition figure, says youth groups and political parties named 143 council members to represent the people, a rare show of unity.
"This is a revolutionary council aimed at toppling the rule of the (Saleh) family and the remnants of this regime," Bassindwa said Wednesday.
He also condemned the United States and the United Nations' stance towards "the peaceful youths revolution in Yemen."
"We expected that the international community, especially the United States and UN to press President Saleh to step down...but unfortunately this did not happen," Basindwah told the meeting.
The formation of the council came after Saleh appeared on TV vowing to return from Saudi Arabia, where he taken for treatment of severe burns and injuries from the June attack.
The council consists of 143 members, among them 11 women, include Major General Ali Mohsen Al-Ahmer and three of Al-Ahmer sons (Sadeq, Hameed and Himiar). It also includes some of those who rejected the council such as Houthis and Separatists.
Furthermore, some groups and individuals have already denied their approval and participation in the conference such as the opposition party of Ray, the top three officials of the Ray party were put in the list 143 of the council, the tribal leader Naji Al Shayef, historic head of Bakil tribe, the second most influential tribe after Hashed, denied his approval and his knowledge of the council . His name was one of the 143. Mohammad Al-Hamed, Haythem Kasem Taher.

On August 20 Two days after forming the national council some 23 opposition leaders Yemen's southern regions withdrew from the Council.
The 23 leaders said they refused to join the council because it lacks of balance between members from southern and northern provinces.
"We were surprised that our names were included in the list of National Council without acknowledging us," said the joint statement by the 23 leaders, including former president Ali Nasser Mohamed, former Prime Minister Haidar Abu Bakr al-Attas and head of Islamic Islah (reform) party in the southeastern province of Hadramout.
Yemeni officials in Saleh’s General People’s Congress said any official movement in opposition of the president would lead to civil war.
The ruling party played down the importance of the opposition council.
In a statement, the party said some of those chosen for the council are high way robbers and criminals
Yemen 24 News publishes list of the  national council as following
 1-Ahemd Al-Qaetabi
2-Ahemd Ba Haj
3-Ahemd Ba Zarea
4-Ahmed Salem Obeed
5- Ahmed Saif Hashed
6- Amat Al-Salam Raja
7- Amel Al-Basha
8-Ameen Al-Okemi
9-Ansaf Mayo
10-Bushraa Al-Maketari
11-Bakeel Naji Al-Swefi
12-Takeia Abdu Wahed Noman
13-Twakel Karman
14-Jazem Saleh Al-Hadi
15-Galal Fakera
16-Jamal Al-Matereb
17-Hassen Zaid
18-Hossen Abdo Abdullah
19-Hossen Arab
20-Hossen Ali Haithem
21-Hamod Al-Hitar
22-Hameed Al-Ahmer
23-Hameed Al-Adheri
24-Hamer Al-Ahmer
25-Horeia Mashhoor
26-Haedar Al-Atas
27-Khaled Ahmed Abdo Rabo Al-Awadhi
28-Khled Hareri
29-Rana Ahmed Ghanem
30-Slem Ben Taleb
31- Sa'ad Al-Deen Ben Taleb
32- Saed Sadan
33-32-Swltan Al-Arada
34- Swltan Hezam Al-Atwani
35-Smeer Shebani
36-Shaafel Omer
37-Shafeea Al-Abed
38-Sheikh Naji Al-Shaef
39-Sadek Ben Abdullah Al-Ahmer
40-Saleh Ben Fareed Al-Awelki
41 –Saleh Swmea
42-Saleh Obed Ahmed
43-Saleh Mohssen Al-Haj
44-Sakher Ahmed Al-Wajeeh
45- Salah Maslem Ba Taes
46-Tarek Al-Fadheli
47-Al-Dhaeri Al-Shadadi
48-Abdu Hafedh Nwaman
49-Abdu Razak Al-Hajeri
50-Abdu Salam Razaz
51-Abdu Kawi Rashad
52-Abdullah Hassen Al-Haj
53-Abdullah Slam Al-Hakeemi
54-Abdullah Awadh Ba Matraf
55-Abdu Bari Dweish
56- Abdu Rahman Al-Jeferi
57- Abdu Rahman Ba Fadhel
58- Abdu Kawei Al-Shmeri
59-Abdu Kareem Al-Selami
60-Abdullah  Al-Nakhabi
61-Abdullah Hassen Khaerat
62-Abdullah Saeter
63- Abdullah Ali Olewa
64- Abdullah Obel
65- Abdullah Noman
66-Abdul Maleek Al-Mekhlafi
67-Abdul Wassa Hael
68-Abdul Wahab Al-Ansi
69-Abdul Wahab Mahmud
70-Abdo Besher
71-Abdul Bari Taher
72-Alwi Al-Basha Ben Zegh
73-Ali Hadi (Yafea)
74-Ali Al-Amrani
75-Ali Al-Mameri
76-Ali Al-Yazedi
77-Ali Ali Hadi
78-Ali Hassen Zaki
79-Ali Hussein Ashal  
80-Ali Saleh Obad
81-Ali Abdu Rabo Al-Kadhi
82- Ali Abdul Kareem
83-Ali Ali Al-Imad
84-Ali Moussen Al-Ahmer
85- Ali Mohammed Al-Qwfeesh
86-Ali Monaser
87-Ali Naji Al-Slahei
88-Ali Nasser Mohammad
89-Omer Abdu Qaed
90-Aedros Al-Nakeeb
91-Ghassan Mohammad Abu Lahoom
92-Fadhel Ali Abdullah
93-Faessel Manaa
94-Qaed Ali Shater
95-Lawtefi Shatara
96-Majed Al-Dhaheb
97-Muhssen Ba Swara
98-Muhssen Ben Fareed Al-Awelki
99-Mohammad Abu Baker Ben Ogroma
100-Mohammad Ahmed Al-Zaedi
101-Mohammad Al-Hammed
102- Mohammad Al-Saedi
103- Mohammad Al-Saberi
104- Mohammad Al- Dhaeri
105- Mohammad Al-Mekhlafi
106- Mohammad Al-Manssor
107- Mohammad Al-Yadowmi
108- Mohammad Ben Naji Al-Ghader
109- Mohammad Hassen Damaj
110- Mohammad Slem Bassondwa
111- Mohammad Abdullah Ba Sherhil
112- Mohammad Abdul Malek Al-Matwkel
113- Mohammad Ali Abu Lawhom
114- Mohammad  Ali Ahmed
115- Mohammad Ali Al-Bekheeti
116- Mohammad Ali Al-Shadadi
117- Mohammad Kahetan
118 Mohammad Makebel Al-Hameri
119- Mohammad Naji Alaw
120- Mohammad Haythem
121-Mokhtar Mohammad Saed (Al-Mahera)
122-Manssor Al-Zadani
123-Mona Sofan
124-Maneer Al-Maweri
125-Nasser Ahmed Obad Al-Shareef
126- Nasser Al-Awelki
127-Naef Al-Kanes
128- Nasser Al-Shaheri  
129- Nasser Taha Mostafa
130- Hadi Mohammad Amer
131-Helal Salam
132- Hoda Al-Ban
133- Hoda Al-Atas
134- Hesham Ba Shrahil
135- Haethm Kassem Taher
136- Waed Ba Dheeb
137- Waheba Sabera
138-Yassen Saed Nowman
139-Yahya Manssor Abu Asba
140-Yahya Al-Jeferi
141- Yahya Monasser
142-General Yahya Al-Shami
143-Ameen Al-Ghabeesh 

Names in bold announced their withdrawal from the anti- government body or refused to be joined to the National council