Thursday, March 3, 2011

Saleh Al-Zwari governor of Abyan.

SANA'A– Mar 3, 2011- The republican decree No. 56 for 2011 was issued on Thursday appointing Saleh Al-Zwari as governor of Abyan.

Three Civilians Wounded in Sa'ada Province

By Faitk Al-Rodaini

Sa'ada- Mar 3, 2011- At least three people were wounded, including a soldier, in Sa'ada province in three separate attacks by Houthi group.

Yemen's Interior Ministry said that a sniper in Othman market shot a soldier while he was sitting in a patrol vehicle.

According to the Ministry two shells were fallen on two separate homes in Sa'ada and Rahban districts, wounding two people, including a woman.

No more details were reported.

At least Five People Wounded in Al-Baeda

By Fatik Al-Rodaini

Al-Baeda- Mar 3, 2011- At least five people were wounded, including a child during clashes between pro and ant-government protesters in Al-Baeda.

The fighting erupted when pro-government protesters attacked a sit-in for anti-government protesters demanding the fall of President Saleh's regime.

According to eyewitnesses that baton, daggers, and guns have been used during the clashes.

President Saleh to Respond Officially and Positively on the Opposition's Initiative

By Fatik Al-Rodaini

Sana'a- Mar 3, 2011- Informed sources told the media outlets that Yemen's President Ali Abdullah Saleh was favorably received Yemen's opposition coalition's initiative to defuse mounting tension in the streets. The sources confirmed that President Saleh will respond to the initiative officially and positively, adding the government would issue a formal response statement Thursday.

Earlier Wednesday, opposition leaders offered Mr. Saleh a five-point plan of demands that called for the president to leave power by year's end and sought for all political parties in Yemen to confer on the best way to transfer power democratically.

Hundreds of Somalis sent to refugees' camp

LAHJ, Mar 3, 2011- The security forces have sent about 252 Somalis, including 25 women and 15 children, to the Yemeni refugees' camp in Kharaz Lahj province, Interior Ministry said on Thursday.

The refugees have been gathered from Shabwa, Taiz and Abyan provinces and sent to the camp in cooperation with UNHCR.

In related news, about 19 Ethiopians entered the country illegally have been captured and sent to the Immigration and Passport Authority to take the legal actions against them.

Source: (Saba)

Yemeni Women Support President Saleh's Initiative

SANA'A- March 3, 2011- Hundreds thousands of Yemeni women gathered on Thursday in the Capital Sana'a to support President Ali Abdullah Saleh's initiative for dialogue.

The participants carried out the national flag, President Saleh's photos and banners that read "No for chaos and destruction" and "No for violence and intimidation".

They repeated chants against calls of chaos, violence and strife, and expressed their support for Yemen's unity and stability and security.

On another hand, Hajjah province witnessed a women's massive march to confirm the support to the President's initiative and his call for the national dialogue, and to stress their rejection of chaos, vandalism and ignition of sedition between the Yemeni people.

In the same regard, Yemen Women Union (YWU)'s branch in Dalei province organized a women festival in Qatabah District to show support for the initiative of President Saleh.

Source: (Saba)