Saturday, April 9, 2011

Power transition in Yemen should be formed via dialogue- US official

WASHINGTON, April 09 (Saba) - The United States has stressed that the transition of power in Yemen should be scheduled and formed via dialogue.

The US Department of State's spokesman Mark Toner said in a statement issued on Friday that President Ali Abdullah Saleh has publicly expressed his willingness to engage in a peaceful transition of power.

"Timing and form of this transition should be identified through negotiation and begin soon" Toner said.

"We strongly encourage all sides to engage in this urgently needed dialogue to reach a solution supported by the Yemeni people," he added.

To succeed such dialogue, "all parties must participate in a process that addresses the legitimate concerns of the Yemeni people, including their political and economic aspirations", Toner said.

The State Department has welcomed efforts of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) to tackle Yemen's political crisis, accenting that all parties must take part in the effort for it to succeed.

"The United States welcomes the initiative of the GCC to address the challenging political situation in Yemen", Toner said.

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