Saturday, April 9, 2011

Civil Disobedience Paralyzes Aden

Aden, Apr 9, 2011- Civil disobedience paralyzed the normal life in Yemen’s business capital Aden on Saturday, a day after the police clashed with the protesters calling for an immediate resignation of President Saleh.

The move came in response to the call of the February 16 Movement that urged the people to conduct civil disobedience as the public pressure mounts on Saleh to resign.

State employees were absent today after the roads had been closed and due to the lack of means of transport.

The people also burned tires in some districts but riots were not reports in other areas.

On Friday, the police fired live bullets and teargas at the protesters calling for the resignation of saleh but there were no casualties.

In other cities, the months-long sit-ins continued and demonstrations were staged with the protesters in Sana’a chanting: peaceful , peaceful referring to their protest after several were reported injured when the police broke up a rally.

They also chanted slogans urging an immediate exit of Saleh.

Source: Yemen Post

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