Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Yemen denies series of resignations of envoys abroad

SANA'A, March 22 (Saba) – Yemen's Foreign Ministry dismissed on Tuesday media reports a series of resignations by Yemen's envoys abroad have taken place.

A source at the ministry told Saba the reports were untrue and were published by media that are seeking to harm Yemen.

"There were no resignations and Yemen's ambassadors continue their jobs abroad normally. What has been said in this regard was a big lie," said the source.

However, the Yemeni envoys to Egypt, Japan, Jordan, Syria, the Arab League and the United Nations have already resigned and the decisions were taken respectfully, the source said.

AL Condemns "Crimes against Civilians" in Yemen

Cairo, Mar 22, 2011- The Arab League condemned Tuesday " crimes against civilians" in Yemen and confirmed the necessity to exert efforts to maintain national unity and the freedom of expression.

Permanent delegates of the Arab league said in a statement after an extraordinary meeting asserted the importance of dialogue and methods of democratic work in dealing with Yemeni people's demands in peaceful ways.

The AL expressed concerns about the deteriorated situation due to violence that threatens the unity of the country's institutions and the future security and stability of Yemen.

Source: Xinhua

Yemen Republican Guards Besiege Military Airbase in Al-Hodeida

Al-Hodeida, Mar 22, 2011- Republican forces loyal to Yemeni President Ali Abdullah Saleh laid a siege Tuesday on the military airbase in Yemen's western port of Al-Hodeida after the latter defected from the regime and joined "revolution," an army officer told Xinhua.

The action took place just one hour after Saleh's meeting with the Higher Army Council after Colonel Pilot Ahmed al-Sanhani declared support to the pro-reform protest movement, the official said on anonymity.

The republican guards also surrounded the Air Defense Brigade which is the first defense line to the airbase.

No armed clashes have taken place as the leader of the republican guards called for al-Sanhani to turn himself in, but the forces of the Airbase and Air Defense Brigade refused to respond, the official said.

He said a large backup from the 1st Armored Division, led by pro-protest Maj. Gen. Ali Mohsen al-Ahmar, who is a half brother of President Saleh and defected to the protesters on Monday, is on the way to break the siege.

Yemen has apparently reached a turning point after scores of government officials, diplomats, army and security officers have declared their support of pro-reform weeks-long protests since Monday.

Source: Xinhua

Egyptians in Yemen are safe, says Foreign Ministry

Cairo, Mar 22, 2011- The Egyptian Foreign Ministry said on Tuesday that Egyptians living in Yemen are safe, and that it hadn’t received yet any complaints regarding assaults committed against Egyptians living there.

Assistant Foreign Minister for Consular Affairs Mohamed Abdel Hakam told reporters that the Egyptian embassy in Sana'a and the consulate in Adan are closely following developments in Yemen and are keeping in contact with Egyptians there.

Abdel Hakam said that the Egyptian community in Yemen is estimated at between 10,000 and 15,000, most of whom work in the education and health sectors.

Around 400-600 Egyptians have travelled back to Cairo at their own expense since protests started there, Abdel Hakam said.

Source: Al-Masry Al-Youm

13 Qaeda militants killed in Yemen clashes

22 March 2011

Aden, Thirteen Al-Qaeda militants were killed in clashes on Tuesday with Yemeni soldiers in the southern province of Abyan, a stronghold of the radical network, a local official told AFP.

The bloodshed came as US Defence Secretary Robert Gates warned that Yemen's political "instability and diversion of attention from dealing with AQAP," Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula, was a "primary concern" to Washington.

"Thirteen Al-Qaeda militants have been killed in ongoing clashes with the army in the town of Loder" in Abyan province, said the local official.

Earlier on Tuesday, a security official gave a casualty toll of two Al-Qaeda militants dead and five soldiers wounded after "a group of Al-Qaeda elements surrounded an army unit."

Both sides used "artillery and machine guns and rocket-propelled grenades" in the confrontation, said the official.

Last Thursday, Al-Qaeda fighters attacked a security post in the eastern province of Marib, sparking a clash in which three militants and two policemen were killed, officials said.

Source: FOCUS News Agency

President interested in youths' problems, source says

SANA'A, Mar 22, 2011- President Ali Abdullah is really sympathetic with youths and interested in their problems and issues, a source in the presidency office said Tuesday.

Speaking to Saba, the source added that President Saleh is calling on youths to take part in a transparent and open dialogue puts the nation's interest first and ignores the narrow partisan interests.

President Saleh considered the honest youths' actions as renewal of the spirit of the Yemeni revolution and the multiparty democratic system, if the political parties do not utilize their peaceful revolution and alter their noble national purposes, the source said.

Source: Saba