Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Trial of spies for Iran continues in Yemen

Trial of spies for Iran continues in Yemen

SANA'A- Feb 22, 2011– The Specialized Penal Court continued on Tuesday the trial of three Yemenis facing charges of spying for Iran, charging the first suspect with spying for the Islamic Republic for more than 12 years.

During the hearing, the prosecutors presented evidence against and confessions of Muhammad Al-Hatmi.

Al-Hatmi's confessions revealed that he worked as a spy for a foreign country during 1998-2010, establishing illegal communication with Iranians and receiving financial support and tools to launch intellectual projects to serve illegal Iranian projects in Yemen.

Al-Hatmi also said he had received funds from Iranian bodies inside and outside Yemen and handed them to rebels to face the government in Yemen and expand their rebellion to Saudi lands.

In addition, he confessed that he had gave Iranians oral and written reports on the political, economic, social and war situations in Yemen with the goal of harming the country's image and position.

Hearing this, the court ruled the defendant can bring his lawyer in the next session to complete legal procedures against the three Yemenis facing espionage charges.

The prosecution earlier charged al Hatmi's wife, the second spy, and his son, the third spy, with helping the first spy for Iran through working as communicators between him and Iranian representatives, arranging for their meetings inside and outside Yemen, receiving and transferring money and sending letters.

Source: Saba

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