Sunday, March 13, 2011

President forms committee to investigate university events

SANA’A, March 12, 2011- President Ali Abdullah Saleh ordered on Saturday the formation of a committee to investigate the latest events that took place at the gate of the University of Sana'a.

According to the President’s orders, the committee consists of Judge Hadi Eidha, Head of appeal prosecution of South Sana’a, Judge Mohammed Abdul-Raqib al-Hemiri, Head of prosecution of North Sana’a, Judge Ali al-Samet, head of Appeal Criminal Prosecution, Judge Mansour al-Alawy, deputy head of the Judicial Inspection Office of the Attorney General, Judge Mohammed al-Gudaymi from Technical Office of the Attorney General and Judge Tariq al-Aghbari, from the Judicial Inspection Office of the Attorney General.

In addition, Sheikh Sadeq Abdullah bin Hussein al-Ahmar sheikhs selected a number of tribes leaders to mediate. The tribes leaders are Sheikh Rabish bin Mabkhout bin Kaalan, Sheikh Mohammed bin Yahya al-Rowaishan, Sheikh Mohammed Mousa al-Amiri, Sheikh Bukel Saleh Galab, Sheikh Khaled Ghaleb al-Ajd’a, Sheikh Arif al-Sabri and Sheikh Mohammed Ahmed al-Aje al-Talabi

President Saleh also called on the committee to engage Arab and foreign experts to investigate allegations of using gas in these events.

Source: (Saba)

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