Sunday, March 13, 2011

My husband has been offered a job in Yemen but I'm not sure I want to go

March 13, 2011
My husband has been offered a job in Yemen and I’m not sure I want to go. We’ve moved many times before, as he works in the oil and gas industry, but since we’re almost 60 and have settled back into life in Glasgow, our home-town, I didn’t think we’d be doing it again. Is it unfair of me to put my foot down?
VICKI If you have the kind of relationship where once your foot goes down it stays down, you have a heavy responsibility to think this through carefully. You need to weigh up all the negatives, such as rootlessness and Middle Eastern political instability against the positives – work keeps you young, for starters. An un-ordinary lifestyle may make you sharper than settling into a kind of demi-retirement back home with your ain folk. And – speaking as a freelance writer – offers of employment are not to be sneezed at with a tough decade ahead.
OCTAVIA You always knew it was what he did for a living, so to suddenly kick up a fuss might look a little unfair to him. But you could argue that what you probably didn’t know when you were 23 and just married was that come 60 you would no longer have the energy and optimism for the constant relocations. And moving from friendly home-town Glasgow (actually I've never found Glasgow that friendly, but perhaps if it’s your home-town…) to Yemen is a big jump. Couldn’t he commute? People do it over surprising distances these days.
source: The Telegraph

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