Sunday, March 13, 2011

110 injured in Sana'a and Security Shoot Live Bullets

Sana'a, Mar 13, 2011- Security forces opened fire and used tear gas to disperse anti government protesters in Sana'a Sunday afternoon. Ten of the injured were because of direct gun shots, while at least one hundred because of inhaling tear gas.

Protesters claim that the reason behind the attack was because security did not allow protesters to enter the square of the protest, and harassing protesters as they leave the area.

Governmental followers with the help of security forces have made road blocks 500 meters away from the area of the anti government protesters Change Square at Sana’a University, therefore, not allowing thousands to enter the area.

According to governmental sources, anti government protesters are causing problems for residents living in the Sana’a University area, and locals were fed up with all the road blocks and were demanding that the protesters find a different location to protest.

The number of injuries is expected to rise.

Source: Yemen Post

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