Sunday, March 13, 2011

Parliament Threatens to Withdraw Confidence from Interior Minister

Sana'a, Mar 12, 2011, Speaker of the House of Representatives, Yahya Al-Ra’e, threatened on Saturday to withdraw confidence from Interior Minister in case he refuses to implement the recommendations issued by the House today including releasing the detainees who were not convicted in connection with the recent violence in Aden and other cities.

The House also recommended returning those who were convicted to be tried in their governorates.

On Wednesday, Parliament approved to summon Interior Minister Mutahar Al-Masri to justify the transfer of some of the detainees from other cities to Sana’a but the minister was busy with the expanding anti-government protest outside Sana’a University.

As MPs held the House responsible for the attack against the protesters at the university this morning, Al-Ra’e approved to include head of the Parliament Health Committee MP Samir Khairi to the fact-finding committee on the attacks against the protesters and the claims nerve gas has been fired at them.

The committee was formed after Thursday’s attack in which a man was killed and scores wounded in the clashes between the protesters and the police at the university.

Source: Yemen Post

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