Monday, March 14, 2011

Women's union calls for stable Yemen

By: Afrah Nasser
Sana'a, Mar 14, 2011- The central council of the Yemeni Women’s Union has called for a "stable and safe Yemen" at its annual meeting that aimed to focus on women's empowerment.
The meeting was held last week and its theme was “Towards a Stable and Safe Yemen”. Ramzia al-Eryani, general secretary of Arab Women’s Union and chairwomen of the local union, said that they were focusing on building women leaders.
“The union is exerting effort and doing its best to empower women around the country. We aim to empower women economically, socially and support women's leadership, especially among young women,” she said.
Al-Eryani also stressed the importance of women’s role in raising and influencing their families.
“Women play a major role in spreading tolerance and feelings of affiliation for the benefit of our country.
Women also play a major role in rejecting violence and chaos in the country,” she said.
Women at the meeting also discussed the union’s achievements over the last year, its financial report and other reports related to its work. They also discussed plans for this year.
“The union has already implemented 42 income-generating projects, based on field study reports, in a number of governorates. These projects aim to elevate women’s economical condition and enhance the union,” said al-Eryani.
Source: Yemen Observer

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