Monday, March 14, 2011

Third force launches campaign to end political crisis in Yemen

A group called 'The Third Force' has launched a campaign to end Yemen's current political crisis and announced its plans at a public gathering.

Among the members of the Third Force are young people that are using the social networking website Facebook to promote their objectives. They held a public meeting on Friday and invited various media to attend.

The group proposed plans for political and legislative reforms and also ways to counter unemployment, poverty and corruption. It also suggested judicial, administrative, media and social reforms.

The Yemeni artist Amal Ismail told the audience that Facebook had helped the initiative grow.

“This initiative has avoided all slogans and empty words. It has also avoided generalizations. This initiative will focus more on a reasonable vision,” said Ismail.

She also demanded that Yemen's politicians who are part of the regime, opposition or the non-governmental organizations to be reasonable and consider the country's future first.

The initiative's most important demand was to increase the minimum tax-free salary in Yemen to YR50,000 or US$250. They also proposed that at least 80 parliamentary seats should be assigned to women and that reports of the Supreme National Authority to Counter Corruption (SNACC) should be made public via the media.

Source: Yemen Observer

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