Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Warnings issued against travel to Bahrain and Yemen

By Elaine Attard
Malta, Mar 15, 2011-The Maltese government issued warnings against unnecessary travel to Bahrain and Yemen in view of the political unrest which is slowly escalating in the two Gulf counties.
According to government information there are 15 Maltese persons living in Bahrain and five in Yemen. Till yesterday, all expressed the wish to remain in their host country, however the Foreign Affairs Ministry is closely monitoring developments. The Maltese nationals were encouraged to keep in touch with their embassy in Riyadh.
The ministry recommended that the Maltese nationals leave Yemen using commercial means, as soon as they can, in the light of the intensity of unrest. There is tension and unrest in the country, which could deteriorate further, the ministry said.
Meanwhile, after confrontations between anti-government protesters and police intensified over the weekend, the government advised Maltese nationals to avoid unnecessary travel to Bahrain until further notice. The island state has seen a month of unrest with anti-government demonstrators demanding the reform of the monarchy.
Source: The Malta Independent Online

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