Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Canadian military exports went to Yemen, Libya: DFAIT

Ottawa, Mar 15, 2011, Yemen and Libya are among nations that have received military exports from Canada, according to the Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade. The report, which was tabled Friday in the House of Commons, showed Canada exported nearly $1.5 billion in military goods between 2007 and 2009, with members of the NATO accounting for 52 per cent of the three-year total. However, other countries included in the export list, such as Libya and Yemen, have been the scene of much unrest and violence recently. Almost $1.1 million worth of military goods were exported to Yemen in the reporting period. Most of those exports were aircraft, unmanned airborne vehicles and other aircraft equipment "specially designed or modified for military use." The report states that Canada "closely controls" military exports to any country that poses a threat to Canada or its allies, to any state which has a history of human rights violations and to those under UN sanctions.
Source: The Ottawa Citizen

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