Saturday, April 2, 2011

Civil Disobedience in Aden

By Fatik Al-Rodaini

Sana'a, Apr 2, 2011- Some districts of Yemen's southern port of Aden witnessed on Saturday a civil disobedience in response of a call from the 16 February Youth Revelation movement.

Sources said that Sheikh Othman, Mansora, Crater, Moela, and Breka witnessed completely strikes in which all government offices, private and public markets were closed.

Yemen's security forces tried to end the disobedience in the districts, but Youths prohibited them through burning the tires on the main streets.

Yesterday, 16 February Youth Revelation movement called Aden's residents to start a civil disobedience against Sanaa's regime. They wanted to disperse the south from the north after the falling of the President Ali Abdullah Saleh's regime.

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