Saturday, April 2, 2011

Opposition Reveals Five-Point Vision for Power Transfer

Sana'a, Apr 2, 2011- The Joint Meeting Parties, the opposition coalition, announced on Saturday its vision that included steps and measures for power transfer in Yemen.

The vision included five points: 1- Saleh steps down and transfers all powers to vice president Abdu Rabu Hadi. 2 – Vice President Hadi announces as he takes office the restructuring of the national security, the central security and the republican guard systems to ensure they do their duties according to the Yemeni constitution and law under competent and patriot commanders and under the supervision of the Interior and Defense Ministries. 3- Agreement with the new president, Hadi, on an interim government based on national reconciliation.

Under this point: an interim national council including all political, social, youth, civil society, women and businessmen spectrum should be formed. The council will be in charge of holding a comprehensive national dialogue bringing together all political forces inside and outside Yemen to address various issues including the south and reaching a vision for constitutional reforms to ensure better rights and freedoms.

In addition, the council will be responsible for forming a committee of experts and specialists to draw up the constitutional reforms in the light of the outcomes of the national dialogue, forming a transitional national unity government headed by the opposition but including all political forces, the youths and businessmen to manage all constitutional affairs, managing the public affairs, fixing the national economy, and forming a military council including representatives for retirees.

4 – Forming the supreme commission for referendum and elections to be responsible for the vote on the constitutional reforms and holding presidential and parliamentary elections according to the new constitution. 5 – Ensuring freedom of expression, freedom of peaceful protests and sit-in and investigating the attacks on the killings of the protesters calling for the ouster of the current regime.

Earlier today, the coalition and its partners within the dialogue preparatory committee held a meeting and expressed their pride of the crowds that flooded into the squares of change across the republic to call for the resignation of President Saleh.

They also saluted the determination of the people, who have been conducting protests and sit-ins in almost 15 provinces, saying Yemen is passing a through a moment it has never witnessed in its history.

Furthermore, they condemned the continuous attacks on the protesters, criticizing in a statement the stupidity of Saleh and his regime, and condemned the attacks against the officials who announced support to the peaceful popular uprising and their houses as well as the continuous attacks on and arrests of journalists and blocking news websites.

Calling for journalists and organizations to document the crimes of the regime against the people, particularly those who have been demanding the ouster of President Saleh, they claimed that the government is continuing its old ways to deceive and mislead the people as well as creating crises.

The shortage of gas and power outages must be blamed on the regime, which commits various illegal acts but accuses others of this, they said.

Source: Yemen Post

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