Saturday, April 2, 2011

JMP Vision for Power Transfer Underway in Yemen

Sana'a, Apr 2, 2011
The Joint Meeting Parties, the opposition coalition, is preparing a vision for power transition in Yemen, but the details will be revealed later today.
At the meeting that gathered the coalition and its partners within the dialogue preparatory committee, they expressed their pride of the crowds that flooded into the squares of change across the republic to call for the resignation of President Saleh.
They also saluted the determination of the people, who have been conducting protests and sit-ins in almost 15 provinces, saying Yemen is passing a through a moment it has never witnessed in its history.
Furthermore, they condemned the continuous attacks on the protesters, criticizing in a statement the stupidity of Saleh and his regime, and condemned the attacks against the officials who announced support to the peaceful popular uprising and their houses as well as the continuous attacks on and arrests of journalists and blocking news websites.
Calling for journalists and organizations to document the crimes of the regime against the people, particularly those who have been demanding the ouster of President Saleh, they claimed that the government is continuing its old ways to deceive and mislead the people as well as creating crises.
The shortage of gas and power outages must be blamed on the regime, which commits various illegal acts but accuses others of this, they said.
Source: Yemen Post

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