Friday, April 1, 2011

Millions of Pro and Anti Government supporters protest in Yemen

Sana'a, April 1, 2011- Over half a million anti Saleh protesters took to the streets in Sana’s Change Square demanding the ouster of President Saleh. Opposition leaders were expecting a march to the presidential palace today but feared possible clashes with pro Saleh followers who are protesters just one mile from the presidential palace. “this regime must understand that our protests will continue to be peaceful and we will not be tricked to use force,” said Mohammed Qahtan, spokesperson for the opposition Joint Meeting Parties JMP. The youth revolutionsits called this Friday the "Friday of Liberation", meaning that they are officially liberated from the Saleh regime.

Just five miles away, and in a sign of power, hundreds of thousand pro government supporters gathered in Sana’a in his support, vowing to fight for him under all circumstances. Chants like, “People want Ali Abdullah Saleh” and “With our sould and blood, we support you Saleh,” were repeated until Saleh addressed them saying, “Rule in Yemen cannot be changed by force. Yemen is a democratic nation and means for change are available democratically."

In the meantime, spokesperson for the opposition dialogue committee Mohammed Sabri said that he has signed documents proving that Saleh’s followers are getting paid to protest and this tactic will not stop Saleh from falling. “People are supporting Saleh because they are paid to protest according to the documents we received, and this game will end very soon.” According to a senior opposition figure, the equivalent of $250 was given to each pro Saleh protester coming from outside Sana’a province.

In Aden, protesters removed all of President Saleh photos and posters from all governmental institutions and meeting halls in a sign that the province has made him a piece of the past. “We don not want to see his pictures anywhere in Aden. He is not the ruler of the people and he focuses more on his family,” said activist Salma Abdul Khaleq.


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