Friday, April 1, 2011

Ahmar vows not to take rule after Saleh

Sana'a, April 1, 2011- Head of Yemen’s most powerful tribe, Sheikh Sadeq Ahmar vowed today that his family will not be involved in the creation of the new government and they do not want to rule after Saleh. He said that they want to oust Saleh because of the will of the people and not to replace him. “I stand here to vow to the clean hearted youth that we are not supporting you for our personal gains and this is why I now vow that neither me nor my brothers want to rule you or take control of Yemen, and are willing to hand the power to the people behind the revolution, who are the youth.”

Fears were growing over the last two weeks that the powerful Ahmar family are supporting the revolution in Yemen for their personal benefits. However, many still feel that Ahmar was not sincere in his call and his brothers (Hamid and Hussein) will continue being involved in Yemeni politics.


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