Monday, March 21, 2011

Yemen violence 'unacceptable': US

SANTIAGO — The White House said Monday it has told the Yemeni government that the violence seen in Sanaa is "unacceptable" as tanks took up positions in the country's capital.

"Our concern in the immediate term has been the violence that we've seen in the recent days," national security advisor Ben Rhodes told reporters on Air Force One as US President Barack Obama flew to Chile.

"We communicated to the Yemeni government that that kind of violence is unacceptable," Rhodes added.

Tanks were deployed in the Yemeni capital on Monday as top generals pledged allegiance to the "revolution" and the country's main tribal leader demanded President Ali Abdullah Saleh's exit from power.

Saleh's regime was internationally condemned after more than 50 people were killed when loyalist gunmen opened fire Friday on protesters in Sanaa's University Square, the center of the pro-democracy movement.

Source: (AFP)

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