Monday, March 7, 2011

Yemen Trade Ministry Ensures Business Stability

Sana'a- Mar 7, 2011- Yemen private businesses have been assured sector stability by the Minister of Industry and Trade, Hisham Sharaf, on Saturday.

Sharaf said that the ministry would effectively coordinate matters with the private sector to ensure price and supply stability and to prevent any disruptions, according to directives from President Ali Abdullah Saleh .

He said that the ministry would intensify campaigns to promote stability of price and supply and the seizure of any material in violation of specifications and standards. He said that the ministry would not hesitate to take any legal action against any breaches of price and supply stability in accordance with the legislations and laws.

During his meeting with the concerned department , he pointed out that plans were underway to hold an expanded meeting next Monday. He would lead this meeting with senior traders, importers, representatives of the private sector and the Yemeni Economic Corporation to discuss all aspects of realizing price stability and supply .

Sharaf said that the integrative role of the ministry and the private sector and local authorities in achieving all these goals serves the interests of citizens, particularly their daily livelihood.

Source: Yemen Observer

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