Saturday, March 5, 2011

Yemen Says Unemployment Rate not over 18 per cent

Sana'a- Mar 5, 2011- The Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs said on Saturday that the unemployment rate does not exceed 18 per cent among the country's workforce.

Shayef Aziz, Deputy Minister of Labour and Social Affairs for Workforce, said the number of the jobless in the country reaches 900000 people, as he added that other figures or estimates of the unemployed Yemenis remained untrue.

Yemen has 6 million male and female labourers, Aziz said in a statement, pointing out that the ministry is on the verge of launching the workforce survey project.

Also, the Somali jobless who arrive in the country within the refugees fleeing the deteriorating situation in their country boosted the high local unemployment rate, said Aziz, urging the international community, International Labour Organization and world refugee agencies to intervene and help bring effective solutions to the issue of the continuous inflow of African refugees into Yemen.

The remarks come as hundreds of thousands have been conducting sit-ins in Sana'a and Taiz for the fourth week and as millions of people continue to take to the streets in various cities demanding the ouster of President Saleh.

Among the demands of the youths and people protesting the deteriorating situation under the 33-year rule of Saleh is to reduce the soaring unemployment rate estimated at 40 per cent.

Source: Yemen Post


  1. One more country suffering from the economic downturn , god help us all.

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