Sunday, March 6, 2011

Premier, Saleh Panel for Dialogue Fail to Talk Sit-Inners

Sana'a- Mar 5, 2011- Prime Minister Ali Mujawar and President Saleh's hand-picked ministerial panel to hold dialogue with the youths who have been conducting a sit-in at Sana'a University for a fourth week were unable Saturday to meet with the youths.

They tried to reach the sit-inners to have an idea about their demands but Mujawar and the panel were prevented by the youths who chant day and night: get out Ali, the president, and the people want to oust the regime.

The president's delegates managed it and walked in to the sit-in site at the eastern gate of the university, but they failed to speak to the hundreds of thousands determined not to leave the square of change until the government was ousted.

The premier delivered a speech but none of the youths and other people wanted to hear it. He was speaking while the sit-inners were chanting: out out Ali.

He was disappointed by the determination of the sit-inners whose number is increasing a day after a day with the pressure on the regime mounting as the opposition has recently rejected the last initiative and offers by Saleh and the Yemeni clerics to come back to dialogue and to address the current situation.

Source: Yemen Post

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