Saturday, March 5, 2011

Some JMP five presented points ambiguous, says presidential official

SANA'A- Mar 5,2011- An official source at the Presidential Office stated that the so-called five points submitted by the Joint Meeting Parties (JMP) through a number of mediators of members of Al-Islah party and others contained ambiguity and confusion.

He announced his refusal for the explanations on the fourth point by those parties' leaders as it contradicts with the constitution and the people's will expressed by them in the ballot boxes.

In a statement to Saba, the source said that the four point stated on "making a time schedule to implement the necessary steps in the framework of a transition period so as it does not exceed this year according to the initiative provided by president in that regard," this point totally contradicts with those reported earlier in the third point which states on "peaceful transfer of power in accordance with the President's commitment not to extend or bequeath power and not to seek presidency for a new term.

The source said these arbitrary interpretations represent the coup against democracy and constitutional legitimacy, confirming the constitution is the reference of everyone either for ruler or for the people and that any attempt to go against of the constitution can not be accepted because it implies a serious risk of threat of the security and safety of nation.

The source added that the peaceful transfer of power does not happen through chaos but through ballot boxes, away from any acts of violence or rioting or destruction of the nation's interests.

Source: Saba

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