Friday, March 25, 2011

Tomorrow it Will be the Hardest Day I Will Live

Sana'a, Mar 24, 2011

If the opposition coalition, the Joint Meeting Parties, JMP, refused President Ali Abdullah Saleh's initiative, we would enter in a long civil war between loyalists to Saleh and his opponents.

I'm sure the upcoming war will continue for a long time. May be the civil war will continue for one day, one month, one year, or more than that time. Absolutely, the civil war will kill several innocent people more than I imagine.

The escalating current crisis nowadays in my country made people leaving the capital Sana'a to their village. People are only at the first stage of the war but their fled to their own village. As I'm noticing on the surface, people left their own houses, properties, and dreams trying to survive the upcoming war.

Tomorrow, it will be Friday of Departure not only for protesters at Sana'a University campus but also for all protesters in all Yemen's provinces who are demanding the fall of Saleh's regime. On the other hand, pro-government protesters will rally with President Saleh.

For the first time, I wrote an article about the current situation in Yemen, without doubt that I'm feeling that tomorrow it will be the hardest day for me and my family ''My mom, wife, sisters, brothers, and my children, and all people in Yemen whether they were anti or pro Saleh'' to live. Actually, I hope that God blesses us and sure my country too. Amen.


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