Sunday, March 6, 2011

90 Dutch in Yemen urged to leave

Sana'a- Mar 6, 2011- Over 90 Dutch nationals who are still in Yemen should leave the country as a precaution until the political and security situation stabilizes, says the Dutch ambassador in Sana'a, Harry Buikema. The advise applies to all those whose presence is not strictly necessary, including embassy staff partners.

Weeks of demonstrations against President Ali Abdullah Saleh's authoritarian regime have claimed several lives and in the past few days security has worsened further, according to the ambassador.

The demonstrations have so far been mostly peaceful but violent confrontations are not unlikely as many people have weapons, the ambassador warns.

Regular international flights out of Yemen are still operating but there are fewer than normally. The Netherlands is not planning an evacuation at this time, the foreign ministry says. Ambassador Buikema has informed the Dutch nationals in Yemen that a large group of foreigners is likely to leave the country soon.

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