Monday, February 28, 2011

13 MPs Suspend Memberships in Protest at Crackdown on Protests]

Sana'a- Feb 28, 2011- Some 13 lawmakers on Monday suspended their parliamentary memberships in protest against carnage, bullying and harassment against the protesters in south Yemen.

The MPs, all southerners within different parties, said their memberships will be suspended until all political prisoners are released, the blockades on Aden and Radfan, Lahj, are lifted, those responsible for illegal acts in the south are brought to justice and the victim families are compensated for physical and other damages.

They issued a statement condemning all oppressive measures and bloodshed by the regime against the protesters including activists demanding the ouster of the regime.

"The reaction of the regime to the protests in Aden including the use of excessive force to break up demonstrations, declaring a state of emergency, imposing a military siege round the city, preventing the people from moving among its districts and cutting the road linking Aden with other cities, was strange," the statement said.

These measures came a day after President Saleh ordered to protect the anti-government protesters, as if Saleh wanted to deceive activists and drag them to death, it added.

This month about 9 MPs resigned from the ruling party in protest against measures the regime has taken to crackdown the protests demanding the departure of Saleh.

Some of them joined the youth and popular protests and sit-ins, saying Saleh should respond to the calls urging him to step down.

Source: Yemen Post

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