Monday, February 28, 2011

Death and Imprisonment Sentences for Drug Traffickers Upheld

SANA'A- Feb 28, 2011- The Specialized Criminal Division in the capital Sana'a passed on Monday sentences of death and imprisonment for 11 people, including three Iranians , convicted in four cases of drug trafficking and possession.

In the hearings chaired by Judge Mohamed al-Hakimi, the verdict in the first case upheld the 25 years custody sentence for the convict Jilan Shawki Hajori, and imprisonment of five years for Mansour Naji al-Mokhtari , Bassem Mohamed al-Borai and Hussein Ali Muhyam.

The verdict also included the confiscation of the seized car in the case and the destruction of narcotic substances, which amounted to eight and a half kilograms.

The fourth convicts were captured by the security services in April 2009 in Hodeidah province.

The verdict in the second case, supported the death sentence for Mumtaz Sultan Amiri , an Iranian national, convicted of bringing in drugs, and five years in jail for both Emam Khan Mohamed, Abdulwahed Mohamed Bloshi for taking drugs.

In addition, the verdict stipulated the confiscation of the seized drug quantity, estimated at 1059 kilograms of Hashish.

The three convicts, who are all from Iran, were seized by the security services in the Yemeni territorial waters off Mahrah coast.

Whereas the verdict in the third case upheld the 25-year prison sentence against the convict Alwan Ali Jama, and punished both Mohamed Musleh al-Shibani and Ali Mahdi al-Hajj with 25 years in jail.

The three convicts were arrested by the security services with five thousand tablets of narcotic substance in Harad, Hajjah province, in July 2009.

In the fourth case, the verdict stipulated the punishment of Ammar Ahmed Essa bin Shamlan with five years in Jail for taking drugs.

Source: (Saba)

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