Saturday, February 19, 2011

High-Ranking Officer Survives Assassination in South

High-Ranking Officer Survives Assassination in South

Fuad Rajeh

Abyan- Feb 19, 2011- Chief of staff of Brigade 111 Ahmed Nasser escaped on Saturday an assassination attempt by suspected Al-Qaeda elements in Abyan province, informed sources said.

The chief and another officer got minor injuries and were rushed to hospital, the sources said.

The plot took place early today when the suspected terrorists attacked with various weapons battalions led by Nasser while on the way from Mukairas, Al-Baidha'a, to the district of Lawder, Abyan, the sources said.

In January commander of and a soldier from the brigade were injured in ambushes by suspected AQAP members.

In the last few years, Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula, AQAP, stepped up attacks against military commanders, personnel and convoys as well as against security patrols, officers and checkpoints in southern and southeastern regions, killing and injuring dozens.

In response, the authorities have been waging large-scale operations and a massive hunt for suspected terrorists killing, injuring and arresting many of them.

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