Saturday, February 19, 2011

Arrests as Yemeni People 'Determined to Oust Regime'

Arrests as Yemeni People 'Determined to Oust Regime'

Fuad Rajeh

Sana'a- Feb 19, 2011- At least four people were arrested on Saturday night as the protests in Yemen have entered a new phase with thousands of people continuing to take to the streets and hold sit-inns day and night demanding the removal of the regime.

Riot police dispersed a demonstration by hundreds of people at Sana'a University with wooden and stun batons, but Saleh supporters were not seen after violent clashes with the anti-government protesters at the university at noon.

Also, hundreds of people took to Zubairi street chanting slogans: quit, Ali after Egyptian President Mubarak.

Today, a student protester was killed and many others wounded when what were believed to be soldiers out of uniform opened fire on anti-government protesters in Daery street.

Earlier, thousands of pro and anti-government protesters gathered at Sana'a University and clashed hurling rocks at each other.

The protests took place at the eastern and western gates of the university which have recently become gathering points of anti-government protests as the ruling party is continuing the occupation of Tahrir Square in downtown Sana'a.

In Taiz, thousands of people are continuing their protest in Oseifra district, vowing they will not leave the area until the government was ousted.

In Aden where deaths jumped in three days of protest to more than a dozen, thousands are continuing their protest in Al-Mansour district, with police firing in the air and ordering, according to informed sources, families to leave their homes near police stations in the district of Sheikh Othman.

There were also demonstrations in Dhale and other provinces with all seeking the ouster of President Saleh.

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