Saturday, February 19, 2011

Exiled Politicians Urge People to Unite against Regime

Exiled Politicians Urge People to Unite against Regime

Fuad Rajeh

Southern politicians living in exile attacked on Saturday the Saleh regime, saying it is inciting violence and hiring bullies to attack anti-government protesters killing and injuring many of them in several cities.

At least four politicians of those living abroad including former president of the south republic Ali Nasser Muhammad and former premier Al-Attas said in a statement that they are watching the situation in their country with concern, criticizing the confusion and scare of the regime as the people started to revolt demanding the ouster of the 32-year regime of Saleh.

"The young protesters chanting: the Saleh regime is corrupt and out, Ali, come as a result of the political deadlock caused by the regime, which killed the peaceful unity and democracy and consolidated autocracy and corruption," the statement said.

They urged the southern movement, Harak, and the protesters in other provinces to unite against the regime.

Saluting the southern movement and the protesters in Sana'a, Taiz, Aden and other cities, they urged the military to avoid the orders of the regime for attacking and thwarting the demonstrators to avoid legal accountability.

Furthermore, they called on the government to learn from the Tunisian and Egyptian lessons and quit willingly before they are forced to do so.

"Those who support the regime and provide it with the tools that help it stay longer are contributing to the tragedy that will likely affect the country's stability and security," the statement said, condemning all oppressive measures against the people.

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