Sunday, May 6, 2012

Yemen's president Hadi calls to stop media incitement campaigns

By Fatik al-Rodaini
SANA'A, May 5, 2012- Yemen's President Abdu Raboo Mansour Hadi called on Saturday the local media to stop the media incitement campaigns and to adopt the policy of the state and the government's policy.
In his a speech during the graduation ceremony of training courses in the Supreme Military Academy president Hadi urged the official of the local media to launch a policy based on the GCC proposal.
''The first step expected from the Gulf initiative' signatories is to stop the media incitement campaigns, and to launch media policy based on the consensus stipulated by the initiative to calm the crisis to begin the dialogue,'' president Hadi said.
Hadi stressed on the role of media to help to enroot the values of national unity and assist in detecting corruption if there is sufficient evidence.
President Hadi vowed to continue battles against al-Qaeda militants in Yemen's southern cities and return displaced people to their homes. "The battle has not started yet and will not end until cleansing all villages, then the displaced people can return homes,'' he said.
Hadi said his government would battle al-Qaeda and encourage "elements of the terror organization to give up their weapons and their ideas that are in contradiction to Islam".
The president also vowed to unify the Yemeni army, which was divided last year to pro-Saleh and anti Saleh units, saying that he will work to unify the divided army."I reiterate here that, by virtue of my authority and backed by the popular legitimacy of the constitution and laws, I will not allow the split in the armed forces to continue," Hadi stated.
President Abdu Raboo Mansour Hadi, who took office promising to fight al-Qaeda, is also facing challenges from Shi'ite Muslim rebels in the north and secessionists in the south.

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