Saturday, May 5, 2012

Challenges facing Yemeni people

The real test will be their determination to achieve their goals peacefully
    Gulf News Editorial
May 5, 2012
Yemen today continues to be in a dangerous state as instability still reigns in the country. Yet the most important challenge is the fact that the country's future is alarmingly vague. Yemen should not be left to its fate and individuals who can only lead it into a state of chaos and disintegration.
It has been two months since a new president took power following protests and clashes with the former regime that left hundreds dead or wounded. That was a period of struggle as thousands of protesters risked their lives so that their voice for freedom and human rights could be heard.
But after so many deliberations between all the parties involved, the real question today is where the country stands. Is Yemen really on the path to development and nation-building that is inclusive? Or has it side-tracked on to the dangerous road of tribal fighting and political disunity?
There is no question that Yemenis understand how critical it is for the nation to move forward. Yet the ultimate test will be the determination of the people to attain their goals peacefully.

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