Sunday, May 13, 2012

Bulgarian ambassador escapes kidnapping in the Yemeni Capital

By Fatik al-Rodaini
SANA'A, May 13, 2012- Local news websites reported that Bulgarian ambassador to Yemen escaped on Saturday an attempt by unknown gunmen to kidnap him.
The websites stated that the Bulgarian ambassador survived the kidnapping after of being attacked by masked gunmen who opened fire on his car in the Yemeni capital, Sana'a.
"Three armed men tried to kidnap him from his car. When he refused and started to drive away they opened fire on his vehicle. He was wounded in the eye by broken glass," Reuters Agency said.
The ambassador and his wife escaped by fleeing into a nearby shopping centre, witnesses said.
Analysts said that the manner of the kidnapping is following the way of al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula, which most of the time depends on the kidnapping of the foreigners to achieve their demands during forcing the local government.
Meanwhile, al-Qaeda still capture a Saudi diplomat, a Swiss teacher and a French aid worker after it abducted the former in the port city of Aden ant the two later from Hodeida in separate times.
Kidnappings of Western tourists or workers by tribes seeking ransom or concessions from the government have been frequent in Yemen, one of the poorest Arab countries. Most of the hostages have been freed unharmed.

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