Saturday, May 19, 2012

6,5 million of Yemenis are unemployed

By Fatik al-Rodaini
SANA'A, May 19, 2012- Yemen's new President Hadi revealed that the economic issue scores 70 percent of the Yemeni problems among the political and security ones.
"President Hadi pointed out during his meeting with WB official that there is another problem concerning nearly 6.5 million of well-educated youths are still unemployed,'' Saba reported on Saturday.
Hadi said that last year crisis affected badly the whole fields in the country, saying the latest development and situations in the various security, political and economic sides and the consequences of the 2011-crisis.
According to Saba, the WB official welcomed decisions of Hadi in the path of political settlements, noting there are about US$500 million allocated for different projects and can be increased according to the needs of the transitional period.

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