Saturday, April 14, 2012

Houthi Movement: US Targeting Yemeni Revolution under War on Al-Qaeda

April 14, 2012
TEHRAN (FNA)- Yemen's Houthi movement deplored foreign meddling in the country's internal affair, and added that Washington is misusing the so-called war on the al-Qaeda terrorist group as an excuse to target the Yemeni revolution.
In a statement, the office of the Leader of the Houthi movement Abdel Malek al-Houthi underlined the necessity for the continuation of the revolution in Yemen.
"Americans' presence (in Yemen) is not aimed at confronting the imaginary enemy called the al-Qaeda; rather the interference and the presence of the well-equipped American forces is aimed at targeting the sons of the Yemeni nation and the country's free people and bringing the country in to a series of problems and plots," the statement added.
The movement further expressed confidence about the continuation of the Yemeni revolution and said no foreign plot is able to stop it.
The statement came as thousands of the Yemeni people staged a massive demonstration in Yemen's Northern province of Sa'ada on Friday and condemned the US military presence in their country.
Yemen has witnessed a popular uprising against the regime of Abdullah Saleh since January 2011.
Anti-regime demonstrators hold Saleh responsible for the killing of hundreds of protesters during the uprising. Yemeni people urge that Saleh and his allies should stand trial for their massive crimes and massacre of the people.
Yemen's new president Mansour Hadi took the oath of office before the country's parliament in February. He replaced Saleh, who ruled the country for 33 years before leaving office in a power transfer deal after over a year of political turmoil.
Hadi, who was Saleh's vice-president, was formally inaugurated following a single-candidate presidential election. The election was arranged as part of a US and Persian Gulf Cooperation Council-backed power transfer deal signed in November.
Meantime, people continue protests across the country, saying that they want Saleh and his allies and companions to stand on trial. They also protest that part of the cabinet is still formed of Saleh ministers and affiliates who should be tried instead of being given a post in the cabinet.

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