Saturday, April 14, 2012

11 people killed in Aden province

By Fatik al-Rodaini
SANA'A, April 14, 2012- At least 11 people were killed, including 3 soldiers, in an attack by a Yemeni Islamist group linked to al-Qaeda in the Yemen's southern sea port of Aden.
Security sources said that Al-Qaeda militants attacked a checkpoint in Al-Jaola district on the road between Lahj and Aden provinces, killing at least 3 soldiers.
The troops traded fire with militants killing 8 of them.
Yemen's Defense Ministry website said that at least 13 al-Qaeda-linked militants and government troops were killed on Saturday in a clash at a checkpoint outside Aden province.
Militants opened fire on the checkpoint from two vehicles, prompting government troops to return fire, the ministry said on its website. Eight militants and five soldiers were killed in the exchange of fire, it added. One of the militants' vehicles was also destroyed.
Meanwhile Yemen air forces carried out on Saturday evening a strike against Al-Qaeda militants in the Yemeni city of Al-Byadha.
The air strike took-out a car believed to be carrying al-Qaeda militants on the road between al-Jaradi and al-Zaher cities, killing all passengers.
 At least 222 people including 183 militants have been killed in five days of clashes around the strategic south Yemen town of Lawder in battles between Yemeni troops backed by tribesmen and Ansar Al-Sharea, an Islamist group linked to al-Qaeda in the Yemen's southern province of Abyan.

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