Monday, September 12, 2011

Somalia: Al Shabaab Fighting Alongside Al Qaeda in Yemen

11 September 2011
Sanaa — Members of Somalia's Al shabaab fighters are fighting alongside with Al Qaeda in Yemen, a Somali diplomat told Shabelle Radio on Sunday.
Hussein Hajji Ahmed, the consul of Somalia's embassy in Yemen says that Somali young people are flooding to the strife-hit Yemen.
Ahmed noted those Somalis coming to help and fight with Al Qaeda's branch against the government of Yemen as the western nations expressed a deep concern about the increasing Al Qaeda activities in that county.
Those young Somalis are not refugees, said the diplomat who added that they are prepared in the Abyan to join Al Qaeda in the county.
Ahmed spelled out that more Somali and foreign fighters from the Al shabaab rebel poured into Yemen after the group announced their withdrawal from the capital of war-torn Somalia.
However, the group has already mentioned to have close to ties the Al Qaeda in Yemen.

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