Wednesday, August 10, 2011

One opposition armed tribesman killed in clashes with army forces in northern Yemen

August 10, 2011

At least one opposition-backed tribesman was killed and several others were injured in clashes between Yemeni army forces and opposition rebels in northeast Sanaa province on Wednesday, eyewitnesses told Xinhua.

They said Republican Guards continued on Wednesday to shell the hideouts of the opposition militants, who seek to achieve the protesters' demands of ousting President Ali Abdullah Saleh, killing at least one rebel and injuring several others in Arhab district.

The opposition coalition Joint Meeting Parties (JMP) media Al- Sahwa issued on Wednesday a statistic, showing the ongoing clashes with Republican Guards troops in Arhab have killed 100 opposition tribesmen and injured over 200 since May.

It said that clashes forced 1,500 families to flee the area.

The Defense Ministry said earlier the opposition militants were trying to capture the Samaa military base, the Sanaa International Airport and northern entrances of Sanaa after they sided with the anti-government protesters.

Arhab, about 60 km northeast of Sanaa, has witnessed sporadic clashes between the Republican Guards and opposition tribal fighters supported by defected army troops since late May.

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