Sunday, July 31, 2011

What are the causes of Yemen current economic crises?

By: Fares Anam

Sana'a, July 31, 2011- What are the causes of Yemen current economic crises? And who stands behind it? And what is the real solution to end it?

As Usual, Yemenis are ready to receive the Holy Month of Ramadan, but this year it seems different. Citizen began its reception by new dose of increased fuels by 130%. Yemeni markets witnessed a drastic increase in some necessary and basic foods, leading joy to tun into sadness. Yemen has witnessed an economic collapse crisis since five months. Yemen Observer went to the streets of Sana’a and asked people about the real reason of the collapse of the economic situation in Yemen and who stands behind it? And what’s the real solution to solve the economic crisis? This is what people had to say about it.

Thaer alqahtani 26 Logistic assistant I can tell you briefly that a lot of people are out of job since what happened (demonstrations) and what they said “they go out for the poor people”, it is not true at all “it is all lies”. Now everyone will suffer because what is happening.

Even the rich people are suffering by closing their business. In addition, some people were fired from their occupations.

A lot of western companies are closing and there will be fewer jobs available. Also, Yemen will suffer the worst crises in YEMEN’s history Because of the unstable situation a lot of investment will take place in other countries, they will find a stable place and peaceful people.

Actually, this crisis will extend and not only in the economic area but also in the social area such as the relationship in the family.

The real answer about who’s behind it? I can’t think of a person or a society or country or anybody.

I asked everyone, whether in Yemen or outside. Yemenis must concert endeavors to preservation the Economic from tumbling till disaster. We proclaim the wise leaders whom have huge influences between all parties to see for Yemen first before “An axe hit our Heads”.

The solution in my point of view is the election. We should be more civilized and follow the system; we are not in the jungle we should respect each other and go to the ballot box.

This is the final step for everything that is happening; but also the beginning of a new system.Even though it will be a little difficult, it will start to run and we will start a normal life again without fighting for who governs Yemen.

Abdulraheem al-Tam Employee In my point of view, the reason of this economic crisis is the sins that people committed in their life and those people who are sitting in the change square lead by the joint meeting party are the real reason of this crisis.

The government also involved in exaggerating this problem by cutting fuel and electricity power. I think the real solution to get rid of this crisis is returning to ALLAH and leaving the sins and returning to the Quran. The Youth and people who are protesting in all squares must return to their homes because the revolution failed. They did not do anything when the president left to Saudi Arabia for treatment.

The government must work hard to end this problem to make people fast the holy month of Ramadan peacefully.

Omar Basha 22, Security employee In my point of view, Yemenis are living these days with concern because of the coming of Ramadan and continuing the demonstrations in the streets since six months. This political crisis leads to an economical crisis with a shortage of fuel, diesel and skyrocketing food prices.

This crisis doubled every day and our economic collapsed because of the disaster caused by the bombing oil pipelines and electricity towers in Marib. I think there are outlawed people whose stand behind this crisis and living in al-Hasabah or in Arhab.

We ask all people who have religious and humanist conscience to rule their mind and deal with this crisis in a rational way because Yemen comes first before any personal benefits. Protestors shall not wage war on the state and nation.

The youth must make concessions like the President Saleh made to avoid chaos in Yemen. We can’t live in this bad economic situation in Ramadan. I think that we must turn to the right path and protesters must give concessions to end this crisis.

Almeqdad Jameel, 25 Administrative officer The cause of the bad economic situation in Yemen is the weakness of the current government and its satisfaction with this situation in order to be a crisis, not a revolution. It is a crisis contrived by the regime that leads to lack of oil derivatives.

The electricity power functioned upon the arrival of the United Nations delegate and shut down upon their departure and that it is evidence that confirms that it is a fabricated crisis.

I confirm that it is a revolution not an artificial economic crisis by the regime. I see that the best solution to end this crisis is to hand over power peacefully to the hands of young people.

Because the wheel of history will not be turned back, no matter how fabricated crises forms like oil, electricity or water or food and beware of manipulation of the living of the poor citizen, which will lead to an (armed) revolution. I mean when the citizen can’t find anything to fill his hunger, so he will take it by force. Fadhle Makki, 30 Translator & Interpreter All of us here in Yemen are suffering from a very difficult situation nowadays.

But, it is not a new thing for Yemen. Why Yemen? Why not one of our neighboring countries? Why everyone blame the other. The government blames the opposition parties, and the opposition parties blame the government. Even people started to blame each others.

So, who is to blame for this crisis? As a matter of fact, we can not blame any of those alone. We are a whole community and integrated components that form this whole society which combines together to form this country we all love “Yemen.” If it is so, who is left to blame for the aggressive conditions we are passing through, and what is the best way to get us out of it. In the first lines above, a question was asked “why Yemen.”

The answer is Selfishness. Some wonder might arise like “what does selfishness have to do with all this?” But after thinking deeply, the answer will be as clear as the afternoon sun. Selfishness is the reason for all the bad things that happens to Yemen which we are all part of it. Most people think about themselves.

Their idea about developing and improving this country is absolutely wrong. They think that improving themselves individually will improve the whole country. If they are well, Yemen will be well.

That is the reason why anyone, who gets a higher position in any governmental facility, department or section, starts thinking of how to get individual benefits for himself, how to develop himself, not the country.

They did not realize that by developing the whole country, they will develop themselves and others at the same time. So, the solution is so easy and clear.

But we all have to participate to implement it; the government, the opposition parties and every individual in this country.

We all have to leave selfishness behind and think of the good things we have to do for the whole integrated society to create a happy Yemen again. We have to dispose of the grudge we hide against each others. If it is difficult to just think of Yemen and think of “us” not “me.”

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