Sunday, July 31, 2011

AQAP publishes the biographies of its members killed in Yemen

Majid al-Kibsi

Jul 31, 2011

Sana'a - Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula announced the names and the biography of its members who were killed at Abyan in its latest issue of inspire magazine last week.

The last issue of inspire Magazine run by al-Qaeda mentioned the name of its members who were killed by the Yemeni Army during the conflict in Abyan and the cover held a photo for Osama Bin Laden who was killed in an American assault operation in Pakistan in May.

Qaid Salim Talib Snian al-Harithi also known in AQAP as Abu Ali al-Harithi, During the fighting in Abyan, his vehicle was struck by a missile from an American drone according to the magazine. The Ministry of Defense said that he was killed in a car explosion in Marib in addition to six other members. Al-Harithi was ranked by the Yemeni Authorities as the most wanted man from al-Qaeda. He was considered as the main planner of attacking the USS Cole destroyer on December 12,2000.

Ammar al-Wa’ili started fighting with Al-Qaeda in a very early time in his life. His father was a leader of the Jihadist in Yemen who was appointed by Osama bin Laden to open a training camp in the area of Sa’adah. This was where the young boy spent his early years. He traveled to Afghanistan as a young boy and spent years fighting and training with al-Qaeda. Hassan al-Aqili, also known as Fawaz al-Ma’ribi, He and six other members were about to execute an operation on a large checkpoint near Aden.

He was the Amir. “The operation began. The mujahidin ravaged the checkpoint in no time, killing everyone except one soldier. He ran somewhere and hid himself. He was a sniper. As Fawaz went to look for him as a lion looks for its prey, the sniper shot him in the neck.” Said the article about him and continued “The bullet entered from the side of his neck and came out the back. He let out a laugh and collapsed to the earth.

The brothers quickly rushed to the apostate. Then one of them took out a knife and severed his head.” Al-Aqili was the person in the cover of Inspire fourth issue according to the magazine.

Ali Saleh Farhan, From the tribe of al-Jalal in Marib, Ali Saleh was hit in the chest by a sniper’s bullet while fighting in Abyan. Sami al-Dali (AKA Abu Hatim ) from Habrah, Sana’a. He attended a college in Sana’a to study and within the first few days, he left it and joined al-Qaeda.

The Magazine also reviewed the biography of Abu Hashim al-Sana’ani. When in Sana’a, he took part in various operations with the brothers. He was an active member of AQAP in their fight against al-Houthies and quickly became an expert in light and heavy weaponry.

When he was posted in Saada, he trained the brothers in weapons. The inspire Magazine is now being distributed via internet, and it contains information regarding the Jihadists, fatwas, training of using weapons and instructions to make bombs.

Source: Yemen Observer

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