Saturday, June 18, 2011

Secret Meeting between Saleh’s Adviser and Opposition Leader

18/6/2011 - Sahwa Net

Sana'a-President Ali Abdullah Saleh’s advisor Abdul-Kareem Al-Eryani and the chief of opposition parties, the Joint Meeting Parties, Yaseen Saeed Noaman, have met in a European country to discuss a solution for the four-month long crisis in Yemen, diplomatic sources said.

The sources said that they discussed the creation of a national consensus government to run the current stage.

Meanwhile, it was reported on Friday that President Ali Abdullah Saleh who is being treated in Saudi Arabia will not return to Yemen, a Saudi source said on Friday.

The Saudi official who spoke on condition of anonymity said it has not been decided where Saleh would stay.

For their party, Yemeni officials affirmed that Saleh would return home within a few days.

On June 3 Saleh sustained injuries from a bomb explosion at a mosque inside of his presidential compound in Sana’a. He was flown to Riyadh the following day on a Saudi medical aircraft and has not been in public since.

Vice President Abdu Rabu Mansour Hadi faces internal and external pressures to meet the demands of protestors who ask to form an interim council.

In his meeting with youth leaders on Thursday, Hadi asked for two more weeks to handle the evolving situation in the country, youth leaders said.

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