Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Clashes Resume in Taiz after Short-Lived Truce

Sana'a, June 14, 2011- Hours after a truce was reached ending violence in Taiz in southern Yemen, fierce clashes erupted today between armed tribesmen and the republican guard.

Informed sources said at least 9 were killed, believed to be from both sides, in the fighting which took place in Street 60th. Sources also said that the nine were from the republican guard as the exact number of the tribal casualties remained unclear.

A pedestrian was also murdered in Oseifra district and injuries were also reported from both sides.

Furthermore, sources said that tanks and other military vehicles were destroyed and that the armed people also burned two fuel trucks while on their way to a new military post in Sharab district.

In this district, sources said that tribesmen were besieging and fighting armed forces.

Over the past weeks, fierce confrontations have rocked Taiz, where hundreds of thousands of antigovernment protesters have been conducing a sit-in to call for the ouster of the regime.

Dozens were killed including protesters, gunmen and soldiers coinciding with other battles in northern areas, and in the southern province of Abyan where Islamists have consolidated their control over some cities.

Meantime, demonstrations continued in some Yemeni cities calling for forming an immediate transitional council to fill the vacuum while President Saleh is continuing medical treatment in Saudi Arabia.

Source: Yemen Post

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