Monday, May 2, 2011

Yemeni court sentences Somali pirates to 10 years in prison

Mukalla, May 02 (Saba) - The Specialized First Instance Court in Hadramout governorate passed Monday to a ten-year sentence in prison for two Somalis convicted of piracy crimes in the Yemeni territorial waters.

During the hearing chaired by Judge Abdu al-Awadhi, the court convicted Mohamed Ahmed Yousef Mohamed and Mahmoud Mohamed Hasan Fareh, Somali nationals, of attacking and kidnapping ships in the international and territorial waters of Yemen.

The verdict also ruled to confiscate the boat used by the pirates.

It is worth to mention that the two condemned pirates committed on February 6, 2010 piracy acts in the territorial waters attempting to kidnap an Indian ship and a Yemeni boat and led them to an unknown destination.

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  1. Please post a source. Why do new journalist fail to do a simple courtesy?

    Additionally, what ship did the capture, what specific charges filed, was there only two defendants, etc...

    Very frustrating reading a ton of articles like this one... no substance.