Monday, May 2, 2011

21 soldiers killed, 1000 wounded since start of protests

SANA'A, May 02 (Saba)- A security official has revealed that the march which took place last week was driven by elements of the Joint Meeting Parties (JMP) towards the television compound.

Press Secretary to the Minister of the Interior Mohammad al-Mauri said the march was prepared in advance via operations room which is being run by Ali Muhsin al-Ahmar, the First Armoured Division commander, and Hamid al-Ahmar a leader Muslim Brotherhood in Yemen "Reform" and others.

Al-Mauri added that the march travelled distance of about 13 km from the university to Al-Thawra city in order to storm the television building and sit-in yard at stadium of Al-Thawra.

He pointed out that armed groups were surrounding the march from the front and rear and centre, denying at the same time, deaths among university protesters.

"We have not had any reports about the deceased that the protesters declared by some of media outlets", he added.

The security official pointed out that the Ministry of Interior has suffered loss more than 21 soldiers since the start of marches and protests led by JMP as well as 1000 injured among security men who came out to prevent the events of chaos with holding only truncheons, and no weapon.

He pointed out that the Wednesday's march claimed lives of 5 policemen and injuring of others 350.

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